I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them. I can't promise that each piece will be the best, but i can promise that each will be unique. my goal is to inspire you, provoke deep thought, and give you a break. 

Forgiveness is the Best Arm Wrestler

arm wrestle

This week something challenged me in a way that I have never been challenged. It was the one thing that stood in the corner staring at me until it gained my attention. It kept asking me if I was ready for the challenge because it knew what was ahead. What was standing in the corner? Forgiveness. With cut off jean shorts and spiked hairforgiveness had challenged me to an arm wrestling match. Thanks to PiYo, I was ready. It was time for me to accept the challenge that forgiveness presented to me. It was time for me to let it flood my heart. Forgiveness obviously won the match. We all know that anyone wearing cutoff jean shorts always wins. 

I tossed and turned in bed after losing the match. I knew what I had to do yet my pride was not happy. As much as I didn't want to, I knew it was time to forgive. I woke up the next morning, put on my heels, threw some dry shampoo in my hair, and cranked up my motivation music. (I dare you to guess who broke my speakers.)  After looking at each person in my mind that I needed to forgive-one being myself-and saying those three magical words, I had an "ah-ha" moment. I realized three things that only forgiveness can give you: grace, freedom, and peace. 

After saying what I needed to say in my heart, I felt grace, freedom, and peace blanket me like sweet maple bacon around a jalapeƱo popper. (I know what I'm making for dinner tonight.) It felt good. I was no longer crystalized by my anger. I was thankful that I lost that arm wrestling match. If I had won, then I would just look like a tough girl with a bitter heart. Thank God for jorts.

Who do you need to forgive? I encourage you to wrestle with forgiveness and let it win. It will feel so good I promise! 

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