I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them. I can't promise that each piece will be the best, but i can promise that each will be unique. my goal is to inspire you, provoke deep thought, and give you a break. 

Fridays are the One

glitter bomb

I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday. Typical. When I realized it was Friday I exploded out of my bed like a glitter gun at a KE$HA concert. (Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I listen to KE$HA and other mainstream pop artists when my brain needs something other than liquid caffeine. Judge all you want. I can take it.) I welcomed Friday with a kiss, said tooda-looskies to my roommate, and made my way to BREW. I knew it was going to be a solid weekend when I ordered my Guatemalan pour over and they said it was the last cup of the season. HAVE MERCY! So, since BREW made my weekend, I want to give you some links that will make yours. 

1. Since I am an auntie to English bulldogs named Billie and Bob,  I had to share this link from Refinery 29. Who doesn't love a bulldog that takes the occasional selfie and has chin rolls? 

2. Anthology Magazine spotlighted Gretchen Hansen's - the founder of Decorist - living room decorated by Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey. The hand chairs made me happy along with the neutral palettes. 

3. Sheila Gim from designlovefest played around with White Whale Cocktail Mixers which made my year. 

4. Are you a social media nerd like me? Well if you are, then here are 5 tips for using social media at a conference.

5. This is investigative journalism at it's finest. You better get it Man Repeller.

There you have it. Just like the last cup of Guatemalan coffee at BREW was meant for me, these links are meant for you. Clearly. 

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