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Future Glory

Theresa Lee - Future Glory

There is nothing Carly and I love more than a story. Our favorite stories are those that are filled with sincerity and hope. We seek out people who desire to impact their community. These people are everyday people who have looked injustice and promised rip it's grip from the lives men, women, and children. Theresa Lee is the Founder of Future Glory and is someone who has accepted the challenge to use her talent to make a difference. Future Glory designs and creates bags and accessories in San Francisco. They believe that business "is a means to support social change." They donate a portion of each purchase to local organizations who dedicate their time to rebuilding the lives of women who have been sexually exploited or domestically abused. After Carly and I discovered Future Glory and read their mission, we wanted to know more, so we reached out to Theresa. She was so kind to take the time to give us a behind-the-scenes look into the journey of Future Glory. 

What inspired the creation of Future Glory?

Theresa: Future Glory Co. really came from a strong desire to do purposeful and meaningful work. We also have a strong design vision and felt the only way to execute on it without compromise was to create our own project.

What was the final driving moment that led you to officially begin Future Glory?

It has actually been years in the making but there comes a point in life where your soul refuses to carry on with the status quo.

Future Glory - materials
FutureGlory - studio 2

What hurdles and risks were involved in starting Future Glory and how did you overcome?

There have been many moments of doubt in building our company. We’ve had to push through those moments to reach glimmers of success.

What are some of the sweetest moments Future Glory has experienced in the community?

We’ve had some meaningful moments with our Apprentice we worked with for a bit of time. She has endured much in her life and it really puts things in perspective.

Future Glory-carly
Future Glory Tools

Future Glory obviously seeks to empower women. Why is it so important to empower women and give them hope in today’s world and marketplace?

No woman should endure domestic abuse or sexual abuse and as women, it is a necessity to do what we can to help.

Where are the Future Glory’s dreams for the future?

Our long term dream is to set up a manufacturing studio in San Francisco to provide women in need with skills training and employment. 

Future Glory Walking Rock 22

We continue to be inspired by business like Future Glory that are constantly looking for ways to give back. We encourage you to follow the journey of Theresa and Future Glory as they continue to build a community of hope. 

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