I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them. I can't promise that each piece will be the best, but i can promise that each will be unique. my goal is to inspire you, provoke deep thought, and give you a break. 

Lessons Learned from a Dear Friend and a Tiny Blue Bird


I slowly rolled out of bed Tuesday morning. Things felt a little off. It was just one of those weird days, and I knew I would just have to take it in stride. We all have those days. I gave myself permission to lean into the weird, knowing that I would wade and sing through it until I came out on the other side.

Charlie Sue was prepared for our morning walk. In true C.Sue fashion, she waited anxiously for me to put the leash around her neck. I opened the door only to be greeted by a thick fog. It felt as though we stepped into a Charlotte Brontë novel. I could smell winter hanging onto the air as spring tried to forcefully push its way onto season’s stage. It was like a mix of the remnants of a bonfire and the fragrant, infant blooms of a Cherry Blossom tree.

I inhaled deeply, letting the fog and its unique perfume wash over my lungs. The birds were warming their vocals as I was warming my legs. I recognized the soprano chirp of one of the birds because it wakes me every morning before my alarm. I grinned. Yes it was a weird day, but it was a weird day peppered with the scent and sound of joy.

We made our way back to the house. I walked in, grabbed a cup of water and check my phone. Waiting for me was a voicemail from a dear friend who I hadn’t spoken to in seven months. As soon as I saw her name, I knew the message would be inspiring and encouraging. I put the phone to my ear and began to listen.

Her voice was like fresh, cut spring flowers. “I’ve been thinking about you sweet friend,” she said, “and the story you told me about the turtles on the rock.” The story she spoke about was a moment in 2009 that changed the course of my life. I couldn’t believe that she remembered every detail. I smiled and continued to listen. “There is this sweet little bird. It's tiny; It's blue. And it just flits around right in front of our window, in and out of the tree. I don't even know what its purpose is. But, I'm praying that I find out!"

Peace enveloped me like the thick fog that blanketed the trees. I replayed her 57-second message, inhaled, and exhaled deeply. Little did she know that the purpose of the tiny blue bird was to encourage me and bring me joy that would carry me throughout the day -- the day that greeted me with its weird warmth. I knew that I could flit in and out of each moment of the day just like the little bird flitted in and out of the tree outside her window. I would figure it out just like that seemingly insignificant bird would figure it out. After all, God’s eye is always on that tiny sparrow.

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