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Strong Women who Empower: Carly Burson

My life is full of strong women who have poured words of encouragement into my heart, empowering me to live my best life. Since these women have seen something in me that I sometimes cannot see myself, I want to highlight them in a new series. These women are normal women who live extraordinary lives but will not boast about their accomplishments. So, I will take on the task. This series will be my gift to them. 

I want to introduce you to Carly Burson. Although we have not officially met face-to-face (Skype does not count), I feel like she has been part of my life for 10 years. I met Carly through my friend Ashley, who will receive a brag post in the near future, and our souls instantly connected. There are some people in your life who share your purpose, which makes fulfilling that purpose a little easier. Carly is one of those people. 

In 2014, Carly followed her heart's passion and desire and started Tribe Alive. It was a risk that she was terrified to take, but she was willing to sacrifice her comfort in order to offer comfort and hope to women across the world. When I first spoke with Carly about joining Tribe Alive, I knew that her heart was genuine. A lot of people start a business with good intentions, but find themselves lost in the ego that comes with growth. Tribe Alive has grown exponentially in its first six months of operation, yet Carly remains humble. The only reason she wants Tribe Alive to grow is not for selfish gain, but so women in Honduras, Guatemala and Ethiopia have an opportunity to live their best life with confidence. There aren't many business owners out there who can admit to that. 

I recently helped Carly pen her post for the Tribe Alive blog about her reflections and resolutions. As we chatted to find the perfect words, I sat in amazement at what flowed from her mouth and her heart. Gratitude and honesty engulfed her spirit. I listened with an awestruck enthusiasm as she detailed her journey. I was inspired to take my own risks. I was encouraged to be thankful for each moment. Most of all, I was taught to humble my heart. (Carly I didn't tell you about that one.) 

Carly I thank you for being a strong woman with a meek heart. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into your passion. You have encouraged me to climb the mountains I desire to climb. 


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