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The Plaid Scarf that Stole My Heart

As soon as I saw the first sign for everyone's fall-favorite pumpkin spiced latte, I knew it was time. Time for what you ask? Time to wrap myself in the love of my life: my plaid scarf. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a TINY obsession with said scarf. So I obviously didn't care that PSL season started while North Carolina was still battling the hair-hating humidity of summer. No... Those sweet, little lattes meant that it was finally okay to dig up my favorite fall accessory. Ah, pure joy.

When I pulled my woolly beaut from the depths of my scarf basket, I inhaled it's aroma and gently styled it around my neck. Excited to be reunited with my old friend, I began walking away from the mirror only to get a little surprise - a wasabi pea fell from the inner workings of the scarf's thread... Yes, I eat/LOVE wasabi peas. Yes, I tend to shove a lot in my mouth at once. Yes, one managed to fall into my scarf last season. And yes, I ate it. (I don't know if I should be ashamed to say that, but oh well.) 

I say all of this so I can share with you the reasons why a plaid scarf should definitely be part of your wardrobe (female or male).

My plaid scarf is to me like Linus's blanket is to him.

My plaid scarf is to me like Linus's blanket is to him.

1. The plaid scarf is a statement piece. This is a piece that you will keep in your closet for a lifetime. My plaid scarf is to me as Linus's blanket is to him. During the fall and winter months, this item finds itself on every train, plane, and automobile. I tend to be a repeat offender with this scarf because I can put it with a basic sweater or pair it with a silk blouse. Also, if you want to wear an outfit two days in a row, then throw this baby on and no one will know. Last year I sashayed my way to the Nutcracker wearing my plaid scarf with a gold jacquard dress. It was a great decision, and I felt like Grace Kelly. 

2. You will be the star of the friend party. I have never received as many compliments about a scarf as I have with this guy. I honestly felt as though girls were envious of my boyfriend. Where did you find him? I want him? Can I just have him? These are the questions you hear when you've found the perfect guy, right? Yes, I have to say that this scarf is the ONE and makes me look fresh throughout the season of colorful leaves and pumpkin patches. 

3. It keeps you comfortably warm. This particular plaid scarf is the perfect weight. It's light enough to wear in August when you are dreaming of fall while roasting marshmallows over a cabin in the woods scented candle. (I promise you won't have sweat beads dripping down your neck.) The wool keeps you warm when the crisp fall air descends and the winter winds roll in.

You are probably wondering where I purchased my beloved scarf. It is a Madewell scarf from last season. So unfortunately, it's not available for purchase. I know it's despicable that I told you about my love affair with my Madewell Open Weave scarf, and you can't have one of your own. You can still find an awesome plaid scarf to wear while frolicking around this fall and winter. Zara, Madewell, and J.crew have a few at the moment that pass the cool plaid scarf test. Check those out. In the mean time, I am going to have a dance party with mine.

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